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Speedway Management at it's best!!

Ever wanted the opportunity to promote your own speedway club?  Well here's your chance.  With none of the risks but all the fun is the Play-By-Mail game for Speedway.  It features every aspect you'd expect from a top qualify game AND more!  From picking the team to building your stadium and from setting the admission prices to negotiating contracts.  


If you want to find out more, apply now for our FREE, NO OBLIGATION information pack.


Biggest Speedway Management Game Ever!!

Not only is the S-League by far the most advanced Speedway Management Game on the market - it is now the biggest.  With 180 clubs taking part in our six individual games we are head and shoulders above the competition.


Our games provide the Quality and Value for Money speedway fans demand - that's why year after year our customers keep coming back for more.  In a recent poll over 97% said they'd still be playing the S-League for many years to come!



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