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Hull Angels: Club History


Yr Div Pos Pts KOC 4TT Pairs Euro T32* Junior
SL3 Div 2 7th 41 1st rd 1st rd 1st rd   Div Three 7th    
SL2 Div 2 10th 36 2nd rd Semi final 1st rd   Div Three 8th    
SL1 Div 2 8th 38 Semi final Semi final 6th place   Div Four 4th    
GL17 Div 2 9th 26 2nd rd 1st rd     Semi final    
GL16 Div 2 7th 30 2nd rd dnq     qualifiers    
GL15 Div 3 5th 46 2nd rd 1st rd     qualifiers    
GL14 Div 3 9th 30 1st rd dnq     qualifiers    
GL13 Div 2 8th 32 2nd rd dnq     Runners Up    
GL12 Div 1 10th 14 1st rd dnq     qualifiers    
GL11 Div 1 7th 39 3rd rd 1st rd     qualifiers    
GL10 Div 1 6th 46 1st rd 2nd rd          
GL9 Div 2 2nd 64 1st rd 2nd rd          
GL8 Div 2 4th 55 3rd rd Semi final          
GL7 Div 1 10th 18 2nd rd 2nd rd          
GL6 Div 2 3rd 71 Semi final 2nd rd          
GL5 Div 3 1st 68 Semi final Winners          


*prior to SL1 competition ran as divisional cup

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